Once you have penalty points on your licence for speeding you have effectively been found guilty of a motoring offence. Conventional car insurance for convicted drivers is likely to be more expensive than for those motorists with clean licences – and rightly so, some would say.

Although, what if you feel this is unfair? What if you were doing 34mph in a 30mph zone and it was just a momentary lapse which you have never done before and will never do again – your car insurance is always (well, for four years at least) going to be calculated with the added risk aspect of penalty points for speeding.


insurethebox car insurance for convicted drivers

At insurethebox we realise that not all drivers with penalty points should be treated the same and many convicted motorists are safe drivers who made one mistake.

Our car insurance comes complete with a telematics black box, known as an in-tele-box, which is fitted to your car so that we can gather information about how you drive.

The more positive your driving behaviour, the cheaper your car insurance could be and each month you can earn Bonus Miles.

When you first buy your policy with us you pay for a certain number of Policy Miles and then the Bonus Miles are added to your miles balance. If the Bonus Miles are not all used up in a Policy year they are rolled over to the next Policy year to help bring down the cost of the renewal premium.

The in-tele-box gathers data that is displayed on Your Portal for you to easily see. Best of all, this driving data means can see how you drive and we calculate your insurance premium accordingly.


insurethebox – Clearly different car insurance for convicted drivers

If you want convicted driver car insurance, insurethebox may be the car insurance provider for you. Get a quote now and see if we can help you get a better deal.

You can get covered by filling in our online quote form. The whole process to get your insurance up and running can be completed online, and we will call you to arrange for an in-tele-box to be fitted to your car within 14 days.