Sometimes it’s good to have someone watching you. If you are looking for convicted driver insurance from insurethebox we will be able to monitor your driving so that we could offer you cheaper car insurance in the future.

Once you have points on your licence, no matter how slight the speeding charge, your car insurance will reflect this and you’ll probably have to pay more to drive.

An insurethebox motor insurance policy comes complete with your selected number of Policy Miles and a telematics in-tele-box which we have fitted to your car. Once attached, whenever you drive the car we will see how far you have driven, how fast you were driving and other driving details such as some aspects of your driving behaviour; how hard you brake and how quickly you accelerate, for instance.


In-tele-box for convicted drivers

Here at insurethebox we can provide convicted driver car insurance with a difference. Although we want to watch your driving, we do it with the express intention of offering you a cheaper car insurance deal.

The in-tele-box monitors your driving behaviour and if you drive well and safely we can reward you by giving you additional miles. These Bonus Miles can be used to offset the cost of any extra miles of cover which you may need.

If you have a few points on your licence, why not see if we can make your car insurance quote cheaper by having an in-tele-box fitted and letting us watch you as you drive. With insurethebox it’s a good thing to be watched because we can tell if you are a safe driver and we give you rewards for that good driving.

Simply click get a quote now to see if we can give you a good deal on your convicted driver insurance. We can get you covered and sort out all the details effortlessly with the minimum of fuss and we will organise the box fitting as soon as possible.

Cover will start from the moment your policy starts and we will arrange for the in-tele-box to be fitted as soon as possible.

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