Distractions while driving can be fatal. And they can come in all shapes and sizes.

Pets are probably one distraction that aren’t immediately obvious, even though 25% of drivers say they find pets distracting when they’re driving. We all want to bring our pet pooch along for the journey – but keeping eyes on the road when pets are in the car can be a challenge.

Here’s how you can keep yourself and all your passengers (human or animal) safe while driving:

  • Buckle up
    Whether you choose a seatbelt harness, a dog cage or a pet carrier, it’s super important to keep your pet secure so they stay protected if you have to brake, and are under control for the whole journey. Additionally, not securing your pet could land you with a nasty fine of up to £5,000.
  • Shotgun front seat
    Put people in the front and your pet in the back: a pet in the front seat is a braking and cornering hazard. The safest place for your pet isn’t behind the driver – it’s actually behind the front passenger seat, so your pet has less chance of getting hold of any of your clothing which could cause you to lose control of the car.
  • A hungry dog is a distracting dog
    Make sure your pet is properly fed and watered before your journey so they stay comfortable throughout. If you’re going for a long drive, stop and give your pet a short walk so they don’t get bored, restless – and distracting – in the car. Make sure you keep them on a lead though!
  • Seasoned traveller
    If your pet isn’t used to being in a car, put something that smells like you/your home in their carrier, or on the seat next to them, to help calm their nerves. This could be anything from a pillow case to their bed.

For more tips on safe driving visit https://www.insurethebox.com/ten-tips-for-safe-driving/

Check out the infographic below for tips on keeping your pet safe while travelling in a car: