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How does the theft tracker work?

The black box uses Global Positioning Satellites, or GPS, to track and receive data in relation to the vehicle’s movement.  With GPS we are able to see the position of the car as long as the signal is visible to a satellite.

What to do if your car has been stolen

  1. If you believe your car has been stolen, dial 101 and ask to be put through to your local police.
  2. Make sure you know your car’s registration number, make, model and colour.
  3. The police will provide you with a crime reference number.
  4. The police will let the DVLA know that your car has been stolen.
  5. You should then contact our claims department on 0333 103 0030.
  6. We will confirm your details, record the crime reference number and begin to monitor the location of your car, liaising with the police as appropriate.

Hopefully, your car will be located and recovered undamaged. If your car is recovered but damaged, or not recovered at all, please contact our claims department on 0333 103 0030 and we will help you with your claim.

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What happens if the black box is tampered with?

This will be automatically logged on a report and then investigated. The policy may be cancelled if we feel it is necessary.

What if the black box is damaged in an accident?

We will attempt to repair the black box remotely, but if this is not possible we will arrange for a replacement at no extra charge.

Will the black box affect my battery?

The black box does use power from the battery, but it needs very little charge (less than a car radio) and should not drain your battery as long as it is in good working order.

Will the black box affect the electrics in my car?

No – the black box does not affect the workings of your car.

Can I fit my own black box?

No – the box needs to be installed by our professional box fitter. We provide this service at no additional cost.

Why do insurethebox use telematics?

The driving data and mileage information provided by telematics enable us to offer lower premiums, reward safer drivers, and treat our customers as individuals. They also allow us to help you in the event of an accident or the theft of your car.

What happens to my data?

The black box fitted to your car collects a wide range of driving information and we understand that customers may be concerned about how this information will be used. insurethebox is committed to keeping your driving information safe and confidential.

  • We will use your driving information to encourage you to drive safely, such as by awarding Bonus Miles each month to safe drivers.
  • We will use your driving information to help us reduce fraud, by checking if another driver is making a false claim against you, or if you are making a false claim.
  • We will only share your driving information with our trusted business partners.
  • We will not release your driving information to the police or to any civil authorities unless we have your permission or we are required to do so by law, or we suspect fraud or attempted fraud.
  • We will not refuse your claim simply because you were driving above the legal speed limit. We will stop recording data if you sell your car or cancel your policy.

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What happens to my miles if the black box stops working?

We will not deduct any miles from your quota during the period that the black box is broken. If there is a problem with the black box we will contact you directly. Most problems can be solved remotely but on the rare occasion that the black box needs replacing, insurethebox will organise to replace it at a time that suits you at no extra charge.

What is telematics?

In simple terms, telematics means sending computer based information over long distances often with the help of global positioning satellites (GPS).

When you buy car insurance with us, information is collected from a clever little black box box that we fit out of sight in your car. The SIM card inside the box means it works rather like your mobile phone – it sends us the information and we analyse that telematics data to find out how safely you drive.

We give you a summary of the information collected by your black box in your portal, which you can look at to see how you are driving.

We have developed this telematics technology to help you drive in a safer, more positive way. If you drive safely you will be able to earn up to 100 Bonus Miles each month.

Click here for more information.

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