Courtesy Car Cover Plus provides a courtesy car for up to 21 days if your car is declared a total loss following an accident that was your fault, or as a result of fire, lightning, flood, vandalism, explosion, theft or attempted theft. For all other instances, a courtesy car is provided under the terms of your policy when a valid claim is made.

To receive the courtesy car hire you must meet the following criteria: you must be able to produce a current full valid driving licence which has been continuously in force for six months, and you must not work as an entertainer or professional sports person.

If you do not qualify for a courtesy car because you do not meet the above criteria, or a courtesy car is not available, then you will receive up to £250 towards reasonable and necessary alternative transport costs where you are able to provide official receipts.

This policy also includes:

  • Cover for legal costs and expenses up to £50,000 if you are prosecuted for a motoring offence
  • Cover for legal costs and expenses up to £50,000 if you are a victim of vehicle number-plate cloning
  • Identity theft advice and assistance
  • Access to legal, tax and counselling helplines
  • Access to a consumer legal services website

Courtesy Car Cover Plus is provided by Brit Syndicate 2987 at Lloyd’s, managed by Brit Syndicates Limited. ARAG plc administers this policy on their behalf.

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