The black box uses Global Positioning Satellites, or GPS, to track and receive data in relation to the vehicle’s movement.  With GPS we are able to see the position of the car as long as the signal is visible to a satellite.

What to do if your car has been stolen

  1. If you believe your car has been stolen, dial 101 and ask to be put through to your local police.
  2. Make sure you know your car’s registration number, make, model and colour.
  3. The police will provide you with a crime reference number.
  4. The police will let the DVLA know that your car has been stolen.
  5. You should then contact our claims department on 0333 103 0030.
  6. We will confirm your details, record the crime reference number and begin to monitor the location of your car, liaising with the police as appropriate.

Hopefully, your car will be located and recovered undamaged. If your car is recovered but damaged, or not recovered at all, please contact our claims department on 0333 103 0030 and we will help you with your claim.

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