The black box fitted to your car collects a wide range of driving information and we understand that customers may be concerned about how this information will be used. We’re committed to keeping your driving information safe and confidential.

  • We will use your driving information to encourage you to drive safely, such as by awarding Bonus Miles each month to safe drivers.
  • We will use your driving information to help us reduce fraud, by checking if another driver is making a false claim against you, or if you are making a false claim.
  • We will only share your driving information with our trusted business partners.
  • We will not release your driving information to the police or to any civil authorities unless we have your permission or we are required to do so by law, or we suspect fraud or attempted fraud.
  • We will not refuse your claim simply because you were driving above the legal speed limit. We will stop recording data if you sell your car or cancel your policy.