How does the insurethebox Driver App work?

insurethebox Driver App uses technology in smartphones to measure driving behaviour, such as braking, speed of turns, driving times and route consistency to help us analyse how safely the user is driving. It’s basically like the black box in your car – but, the information found in the app and your portal may differ during the app pilot trail.

Which phones does the insurethebox Driver App support?

The insurethebox Driver App is available on iPhones and Android phones.

What can I do with the app?

Whilst the app sends us your driving data, you will also be able to:

  • View a list of your driven trips
  • Mark journeys as driving or passenger (eg. train)
  • Get a star rating (1-5) for each journey
  • Call our Claims team to report an accident
  • Find helpful information if you’ve had an accident
  • Give us feedback about the app

What does the app track?

  • Your location when driving or in a moving vehicle
  • The start and end of a trip
  • Speeding thresholds; to detect if you’re driving too fast
  • Accelerometric data; to detect if your accelerating or braking harshly

Do I need to put my phone location on?

Yes. You need to allow location tracking in your phone settings when you start using the app, it won’t be allowed automaticallyWithout this we are unable to receive any driving data through the app.  We’ve asked for your consent to track your location during the registration process, so as long as your location settings are on, you are good to go.

Can you track me whenever my phone is with me?

The app is programmed to monitor your phone for conditions that can only happen when you are driving or in a moving vehicle, and remains dormant at all other times.

You can view a list of your journeys under Trips and override any trip with a choice of bike, bus, taxi or passenger if you weren’t driving when the journey was recorded. To keep your journey data accurate, we ask that you take this action within the app as each journey will default to driving a car otherwise.

How does the app know when I’m driving?

The app monitors your phone for conditions that can only happen when you are driving or in a moving vehicle. This means that it records all your trips, including bike or train journeys – but it will always assume you’re driving. To keep your journey data accurate, please mark your passenger journeys within the app (as shown in the next question).

How do I update a trip when I wasn’t driving?

The app will assume you were driving by default but if you want to mark a passenger journey, go to Trips in your dashboard and click on the driving wheel icon on your most recent trip to select the trip type.

Please note it takes some time for the app to calibrate your driving data, so you might not see the full trip immediately.

mobile_app_instructions3What does my driving style number mean?

This is your driving score that indicates how well you drive, ie. how safely you drive. The higher the score, the less driving improvements you need to make.

How do I use the app to find my car?

Go to Find my vehicle in the Dashboard. Locate your car by clicking on the car icon found there.

How do I check my driving performance on the app?

On your dashboard, you get a monthly driving style score (out of 100, just like your Bonus Miles) to show how safely you’re driving. In addition, you receive a star rating for each individual journey, which you can find under Trips when you click on any individual trip and scroll down.

How do I review my trips?

Go to Trips in your Dashboard to review a list of your trips per day. By clicking on any of these trips, you can view the journey on a map with a star rating for your driving behavior, as well as the start and end address. Behind the ‘i’ icon, you find the meaning of the colors within your map.

Please note it takes some time for the app to calibrate your driving data, so you might not see the full trip immediately.

How do I report an accident in the app?

You can’t report a claim directly on the app but you can find Report a crash in your Dashboard where you’ll see a phone number for our dedicated Claims team and other useful resources. If you go to Accident guidelines, you can find further helpful advice for what to do if you are in an accident.

Will you share my app data with third parties?

We strictly follow the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & Data Protection Act 2018; therefore, we use information fairly, lawfully and transparently and do not sell data to any other companies.

How do I make a claim with the app?

You can’t report a claim on this app version. If you have an accident, please call our dedicated claims team immediately on 0333 103 8026, we are open 24/7.

How do I give feedback about the app?

Sharing feedback with us about your app experience is easy! Just go to Updates & Feedback in your dashboard, select the type of feedback you want to give and submit – we’ll immediately get your comment and start working on making your experience better.

What will happen to my black box during the app pilot?

The way your policy works will not change and as such, data collected by the app will not impact your Bonus Miles, driving scores or renewal quote in any way. Your black box will stay in your car and continue to track your driving as usual. This allows us to test the functionality of reviewing your driving performance through an app against the black box.

Despite being able to view some driving data on the app, this does not supersede your black box data and we ask that you regularly check Your Portal as usual.