A little box that gives you more

Your miles are measured by a black box – the black box. It’s fitted to your car and sends your driving information regularly to Your Portal so you can easily track your mileage.


How do I choose my Policy Miles?

You can select your chosen number of Policy Miles on the “Your quote” page of the online quote form, under the “Choose your product” section. If you’re buying your policy over the phone, the agent will ask you how many Policy Miles you’d like to choose.


Don’t forget about Bonus Miles

When you’re choosing the best Policy Miles option for you, make sure you consider the number of Bonus Miles you might earn across the year.

If you drive safely you can earn up to 100 Bonus Miles each month – that’s up to 1,200 miles in total.

So if you work out that you’re going to drive 6,200 miles in the year, bear in mind that as long as you drive safely, 6,000 Policy Miles could well be enough if you take into account the potential Bonus Miles on top.


Girl track miles

Login to your personal online portal to keep track of your miles remaining and all the details on your policy.

Keeping track of how many miles you’ve used

As an insurethebox customer you get your own personalised online Portal to keep track of all your driving information.

When you login to Your Portal (providing you’ve driven at least 60 miles) you’ll see a summary of how many miles you have left and how many you’ve driven.

You can then see more detailed information about your driving and miles usage.

Got a policy with us? Why not log in now and have a look around?


Top Up Miles for when you’re running low

If you find that you drive more than your total Policy Miles (plus any Bonus Miles you’ve earned), there’s no need to worry. You can buy additional miles at any time – these are called Top Up Miles.

You can buy Top Up Miles in bundles of 250, 500, 1,000 or 2,000 miles. They are charged at your cost per mile rate which is based on your premium. You can find your Top Up Miles prices in Your Portal and on your Policy Schedule.

Login to Your Portal

Please note: if you exceed your Policy Miles and do not buy Top Up Miles when required your policy will be cancelled.


Your miles at renewal

When you renew your policy, you choose a new allocation of Policy Miles. If you have not used all your miles, then any unused Top Up Miles and Bonus Miles will be rolled over to the next year and used first before the new Policy Miles.

Important: you cannot roll over Policy Miles and there is no financial exchange for any unused miles.