Car insurance is one of those annual purchases which we’d all rather do without but have a legal obligation to sort out and buy each year. If you don’t drive much it can seem a real pain, especially as many insurers won’t actually give you genuine low mileage car insurance.

As there are so many drivers out there who tell insurers they are going to drive less than they actually do over the year, car insurance firms generally calculate the car insurance quote on more miles than the customer actually stated when they asked for a quote.

So, if you tell your insurer you are going to drive 6,000 miles, because that’s what you think you will do, the insurer will quote a premium based on you doing more miles.

Even if, at the end of the year, you have actually driven 6,000 miles there is no way to get your money back.


insurethebox low mileage car insurance counts the miles

An insurethebox car insurance quote is completely different because when you take out cover with us we will organise the fitting of a telematics device known as an in-tele-box. This box is attached to your car and counts your miles as you drive, so we know exactly how far you have driven.

What this ultimately means is that if you tell us you are likely to drive 6,000 miles then that is the mileage we will base your car insurance quote on, and so our car insurance premiums are usually cheaper.

And if you realise you need more miles all you have to do is buy some Top Up Miles.


Your Portal tells you all you need to know


Once the box is fitted it will send back all sorts of driving information to your customer portal, so you can see how many miles you’ve driven each month, how many you have left, and much more.

What’s more, safer drivers will find they can earn Bonus Miles – these are additional miles which you can earn from positive driving behaviour.

So, safer drivers who only travel short distances can not only get a true low mileage car insurance quote, but they can also earn extra miles.


Get a genuine low mileage car insurance quote today

If you want a low mileage car insurance quote which is genuinely based on what you tell us, then insurethebox is the insurance company for you.

To get your quote today, simply click get a quote and fill out your information. We can complete the whole transaction quickly and effortlessly and we’ll also call you to organise the box fitting as soon as possible – in the meantime, you will be covered from the moment you want your policy to start.

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