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When you get a car insurance quote one of the important questions asked by insurers will be “What is your annual mileage?” If you want car insurance for low mileage motoring, you are likely to get something you didn’t bargain for – extra miles that you don’t need.

This is because when the car insurance company works out your quote, they will look at a number of factors. When it comes to the mileage, insurers consider that the more you drive the more chance you will have of being involved in an accident, so high mileage drivers are naturally a greater risk for them and this makes their car insurance more expensive.

Many motorists have cottoned on to this fact, so they tell the insurers that they are likely to do a lower amount of miles. This way, their insurance is cheaper.

And now, the car insurance companies have realised that a lot of motorists probably do more mileage each year than they say they will, so, to cover the extra risk, they add more miles when they work out the cost of the policy.

Drivers’ fibs make cover more expensive

For example, if you only use your car to drive to a local college or university you are not going to do a large amount of miles. Or if you use your car mainly to take the kids to and from school, and to do the shopping, then you are probably going to have a low annual mileage.

However, other insurers may calculate your premium based on more miles than you have told them you will drive.

Car insurance for low mileage motorists with insurethebox

At insurethebox we offer true low mileage car insurance quotes based exactly on the amount of miles you tell us you are going to drive.

We can do this because when you take out one of our car insurance deals we will arrange for a clever little tracking device to be fitted to your car to give you all sorts of information about your driving. You get to view all the facts and figures on your very own Customer Portal, available on our website, so you can see exactly how far you drive, how fast you drive, when you drive the most, and lots of other details.

Known as an in-tele-box, the little Global Positioning System (GPS) will monitor your driving and tell us, and you, exactly how far you are driving. At the beginning of your policy we will give you a mileage allowance, based on what you tell us, and if you need more miles throughout the year you can just buy extra Top Up miles.

Genuine low mileage car insurance quotes from insurethebox

So, if you want car insurance for low mileage motoring and you don’t want to pay for other drivers’ fibs, get a quote now and see if we can offer you a cheaper deal.

Click get a quote now to see if we can offer you car insurance at a price you’ll like. We can get you covered and sort out all the details entirely over the internet. Clearly, insurethebox is something different.

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