For those of you who are new to the car insurance world, curfew car insurance and limited mileage car insurance may sound as if they are the same type of cover; both restricting your car usage, but, they’re not, and insurethebox will explain to you why – without all the complicated jargon.

Curfew car insurance is motor cover made cheaper because the driver is not allowed to be on the roads at night. If the policy holder drives at night then typically, they will be penalised by their insurance company.

Limited mileage car insurance, however, allows you to drive where you want when you want and is made cheaper due to the innovative way in which you pay for cover.

How our limited mileage car insurance works

When you first join insurethebox, you select how many Policy Miles you expect to drive in a year. If that’s all you need for the whole year, then that’s you sorted. If you can see your milometer creeping up over your Policy Miles allocation, then all you have to do is top-up your cover with us.

It’s the same as topping up a mobile phone if you’re low on credit. You can buy Top Up Miles in bundles of 250, 500, 1,000 or 2,000 miles, so you can keep yourself covered 250 miles at a time if you want.

Because of the top-up method, this car insurance is perfect for people who don’t drive very often, or might not drive very far. If you are a low mileage driver, then you might find that insurethebox could save you a lot of money.

Why we don’t do curfew car insurance

insurethebox don’t do curfew insurance because we want to let young motorists retain the freedom they have gained by passing their driving test.

We feel that curfew insurance is a bit too restrictive for some young people, and so we offer limited mileage car insurance which may be more useful to those of you who are footloose and fancy-free.

We don’t penalise you for driving at night. However, if you drive when it is safer, during the day, then you’ll earn more Bonus Miles.

More good news

We use telematics technology. That may sound complicated, but in fact it is simple and friendly, and that’s why we call the little box which contains all that technology our in-tele-box.

The in-tele-box is fitted out of sight in your car and collects data on how you drive during your journeys. With the information it collects, our technical team can offer you tips on how to drive more responsibly and you can earn yourself up to 100 Bonus Miles a month by driving more safely.

Our in-tele-box is a veritable super hero and has something else up its proverbial sleeve – the ability to fight crime and save those in need.

In-tele-box uses GPS so that if your vehicle is stolen by a dastardly villain, the Global Positioning System can help guide the police to your car’s location.

Plus, if the data collected by the in-tele-box indicates to one of our team that you may have had a serious traffic accident, and they can’t contact you, they have the ability to ask the emergency services to come to your aid by stating the location sent to them by the GPS in your car.

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It’s not curfew car insurance, it’s clever car insurance.

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