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When you are getting a quote for car insurance, you will be asked how many miles you drive in a year. Even if you believe your annual mileage to be around 6,000 miles, in most cases, insurance companies will base their premiums on closer to 8,000 or 10,000 miles. Insurers do this because there are many drivers out there who say they do just 6,000 miles, when in fact they travel many more miles annually.

So, true low mileage insurance is hard to find because most insurers automatically add extra miles before they calculate the risk.

At insurethebox our insurance quote will be calculated on the actual mileage you tell us at the time of the quote. We are therefore likely to be cheaper than most other insurers for true low mileage drivers.

What is different about our low mileage car insurance is that we fit a clever piece of electronic equipment to your car, an in-tele-box, which feeds back data to help us keep score of the miles you are travelling and help you to save money as you drive.

Our technology gives you three ways to save:

  • Once the in-tele-box is fitted the miles you drive are monitored and if you need more miles than you first told us you can buy Top Up Miles – you just tell us what you need – you can buy ‘bundles’ of miles; 250, 500,1,000 or 2,000 miles – and you can pay with your credit/debit card.
  • Earn additional miles for good driving – In your Customer Portal you will be able to access all data the in-tele-box has collected about your driving. Safe drivers will earn Bonus Miles to help offset any extra mileage they might need.

When you have the in-tele-box fitted insurethebox also provides a free GPS tracking service so that in the event of theft we will have a much greater chance of recovering your vehicle and preventing a total loss.

If you want to be able to monitor your own driving so that you can see how you drive, when you drive, what types of road you use, how many journeys you make and what speed you travel at, this is just some of the information you will be able to see on your Customer Portal.

And in the event of a car accident, the in-tele-box technology allows us to see lots of information that will help determine how you were driving at the time of the accident, including direction of your vehicle at impact and the speed you were driving – our technology page will give you all the information you need on this subject.

Get a true low mileage insurance quote today

If you believe your low mileage quote from another insurer is too high, why not give insurethebox your details for a car insurance quote based exactly on what you tell us.

Getting a low mileage car insurance quote from insurethebox is simple. Fill in our online quote form now and we can arrange for cover to start as soon as you want it to. We will then arrange for the telematics box to be fitted as soon as it is convenient for you.

Alternatively, you can call us for a car insurance quote on 0333 123 1308 and if you have any further questions about insurethebox we will be happy to answer them.