Many young drivers feel priced out of the market when they first start shopping around for car insurance quotes, but insurethebox’s innovative take on pay as you go car insurance (PAYG) has been able to help many such drivers obtain a cheaper quote and get themselves onto the road.

Pay as you go insurance works for people who have a car but only use it very occasionally, so they pay for car insurance as and when it is needed. However, for most people, even if they only use their car once or twice a week, PAYG car insurance is not going to be cost-effective.

So, what options do genuine low-mileage drivers have? Traditional car insurance has not always offered true value for money for low mileage drivers as the prices of policies could not truly reflect whether or not the insured driver had actually driven 2,000 miles or 20,000 miles in a year. Now, telematics technology has changed all that.


insurethebox and pay how you go car insurance

For true low-use car owners, a telematics car insurance policy with insurethebox could be the answer.

Firstly, all policy holders have a small telematics device, a black box, fitted into their vehicle so that the amount of miles driven can be monitored.

Secondly, insurethebox offers a miles based policy. This often means that car insurance can be cheaper, depending on the driver’s circumstances, and so offers a lower-cost alternative for low-mileage drivers.

Then, as the car is driven, the black box not only monitors the miles driven, but also collects lots of data on many driving factors, such as the time of day, the type of roads driven on and how the car is being driven, for example how the accelerator and brakes are being used.

All this data is analysed by insurethebox and displayed for each policy holder on their insurethebox customer portal. So drivers are able to see how well they are driving. Plus each month (after an initial period of information gathering at the start of the policy) the data will be turned into Bonus Miles and good drivers can earn up to 100 extra miles a month, just for driving safely.

If a driver uses all their Policy Miles and Bonus Miles they can buy bundles of Top-Up Miles to keep them going and, when it comes to renewal time, insurethebox will have an accurate picture of the driver and their actual driving ability, so is able to offer truly tailor-made car insurance for the following year.


Pay how you go with insurethebox

So, if pay as you go car insurance doesn’t quite work for you, but you don’t use your car for lots of long journeys, then insurethebox could have the right policy at the right price for you.

Get a quote online now and see if your good driving could bring the cost of your car insurance down, down, down.