Whether you are covered by curfew car insurance, PAYG insurance or any other type of car insurance for that matter, if you need to wear corrective lenses you must wear a prescribed pair of glasses or contact lenses when driving.

According to research published in Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science those drivers who wear mutifocal lenses, which help the user see better at all distances, tend to drive much slower in hours of darkness than people who wear other types of contact lenses or glasses.

Those who need multifocal lenses have Presbyopia, which means that their eyes are going through a normal process experienced by many people as they age.

As people get older, the natural lenses in their eyes lose their ability to change shape. As a result, both focusing on things which are too near and focusing on things which are too far away become difficult without the help of a lens to do the job for them.

Experts say that people with a prescription for multifocals should have a different type of contact lens or pair of glasses to wear during night time driving.

If a driver is involved in a car accident and is later found not to have been wearing suitable corrective lenses they could be penalised. This may make it very difficult to obtain any type of motor cover, including curfew car insurance, in the future.