On Thursday 13th November, our sister brand drive like a girl hosted a Twitter hour with MyCarGossip. This comes after a successful first Twitter hour in October where the topic of discussion was distracted driving. This time the subject was technology and road safety.

The key points of the discussion include:

  • Drivers needing to take personal responsibility when they’re behind the wheel
  • The potential of smart roads, Solar Roadways and smart cycle lanes
  • Drivers becoming ‘lazy’ and dependent on in-car technology
  • Telematics does the opposite by making people engage with their driving
  • The distraction of in-car technology, the problem of distracted driving becoming more prevalent and the need for parents to set a good example for their children
  • Driverless cars and self-driving lorries – are they the future of motoring? Who is liable in the event of a claim? Can human error ever be eliminated?
  • The need for drivers to have basic vehicle maintenance knowledge
  • The dangers of car hacking and how this can be prevented.

There were 271 tweets using the #SaferDriving hashtag, not including tweets that were @replies where the user didn’t include the hashtag. 59 users got involved, and the potential reach of the Twitter hour is 723396 users. This is calculated as the total of all the followers of all the users involved.

The Twitter hour gathered interest from 43 different locations from around the world including the USA, Canada, the Middle East, Africa and India.


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