Trying to get a good deal on your women’s car insurance can be exasperating, particularly if you don’t do many miles each year.

You might use your car for school runs, or doing the weekly shop and then for those endless, but very short trips to pick the kids up from Karate club, or swimming – cubs or guides. Your car is an absolute necessity – so is car insurance, unfortunately.

Here at insurethebox, we’re guessing you haven’t got the time to sift through hundreds of insurers’ websites to find the cheapest car insurance deal and you certainly don’t want to spend hours on the phone haggling with car insurance companies. So, we’ve found a way to offer you the cheapest rate for your motor cover, with loads of added benefits to go along with it, all available at a click, or two, of your PC’s buttons.

Car insurance with insurethebox is clearly a better deal

When you take out a low mileage women’s car insurance policy with insurethebox we will arrange for a nifty little piece of technology to be fitted into your vehicle to help you save money on your car insurance.

This little gadget, known as an in-tele-box, is a telematics device like the mechanics use in car racing to tell them how the car, and the driver, is performing as they race round the circuit. It’s also a Global Positioning System (GPS) so that your car can be tracked if it is stolen.

You might ask what good is telematics to you, but here at insurethebox we use all the data the in-tele-box gathers to help make your car insurance cheaper in the future.

  1. The in-tele-box tells us exactly how far you have driven. Each month you can see how many miles you have driven and if you need a few more miles you can just top up by buying a bundle of extra miles.
  2. The box tells us how you are driving; how fast you drive, when you drive, how you brake, how you accelerate, etc, and by monitoring this information we can see just how safe you are as you drive.
  3. When we’ve looked at all the data, we convert good driving behaviour into monthly Bonus Miles, so that if you need to do a few more miles than you told us on your original car insurance quote you can use your Bonus Miles to help cover the extra.

Women’s car insurance, with insurethebox

Apply online now for a women’s car insurance quote from insure the box and see if we can save you money and give you a clearly different way to help you be a better, safer driver. You will be covered from the date you wish the car insurance to start and we will arrange for the in-tele-box to be fitted as soon as possible.

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