Safety is paramount for many female drivers and safety features will be high on many women’s shopping criteria when choosing a new car. However now you can have added safety features as part of your motor cover too, because insurethebox brings you tracker car insurance for women with accident alert and theft tracking as standard.

Tracker car insurance can keep you safe

The safety aspects of insurethebox’s telematics car insurance are manifold.

  • The telematics in-tele-box monitors your driving to collect data which is then analysed and configured to reveal driving behaviour;
  • Helpful tips and advice for safer driving are put on the insurethebox website for you to view through your exclusive Customer Portal;
  • If your car has been stolen the GPS technology contained in the in-tele-box will enable our security partners to monitor the location of your vehicle and liaise with the police, as appropriate, to facilitate recovery of your car;
  • In the event of a car accident our Accident Alert service can provide an invaluable service to get help quickly to the scene of an accident.

Accident Alert with tracker car insurance

The in-tele-box enables us to assess if your car has been involved in an accident as it measures any G forces (gravitational force) your vehicle is subjected to. If any abnormal G force readings occur our technical team is alerted.

We are able to obtain almost immediate readings as long as there is local availability of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) signal and if any G force readings exceed a certain level we will assume that your car has been involved in an accident.

In these circumstances, if your car is stationary, we will try to call you on your mobile phone to ensure you are OK and try to assist you to get back on the move. If we are unable to contact you and we can see that your car is moving we will assume that you are unharmed and that you do not require immediate assistance.

If we are unable to contact you and your car is stationary we will assess all the circumstances relating to the incident, such as the location, time of day and force of the impact.

Having assessed all the circumstances, and if we think it is appropriate, we will attempt to contact the emergency services and request that they attend.*

Drive safe and save with insurethebox

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Get a quote *Please note: we are not able to guarantee that the emergency services will attend in these circumstances, and you are still obliged to notify us of all car accidents.