The low mileage option could be cheaper for you

Many traditional insurers will calculate premiums based on an estimated mileage, taking into account the fact that some drivers will understate their expected mileage when completing the quote form. You therefore could be paying more than you should by choosing this type of insurance.

But with insurethebox you choose the right policy for you, based on how many miles you expect to drive during the year. This can be great if you’re a uni student who’s not expecting to make many long journeys, because you can go for a lower mileage option. You could see a saving straight away when comparing your quote against the price of a traditional insurance policy.

You choose from 6,000, 8,000 and 10,000 Policy Miles. If you choose the 6,000-mile option you’ll be someone expecting to drive about 100 miles a week on average.

Options for extra mileage if you run out

We know some drivers are worried about committing to a low mileage option for their car insurance in case they run out of miles before the year’s up.

No need to worry. You can earn extra miles on a monthly basis by driving safely – up to 100 a month to be precise.

You can also buy extra miles at any time during the year, online or by phone.

The benefits of the black box for university students

When you buy car insurance with insurethebox you get a black box fitted to your car at no extra cost. You’re covered straight away though – you don’t have to wait for the box to be fitted.

  • There are no curfews and no fines. We understand how important your freedom is as a university student.
  • Having the box in your car means we can help you when you really need it. Your insurethebox policy includes the additional benefits of Accident Alert and Theft recovery at no extra cost – to help you if you have an accident or your car is stolen.
  • We encourage you to drive at a speed that’s appropriate for the road and conditions and certainly don’t condone breaking the speed limit, but we focus on rewarding good habits rather than punishing bad ones.
  • If you drive safely you can earn extra Bonus Miles each month and could see a price reduction at renewal.

Car insurance for university students using the latest technology

  1. You can manage your policy online with Your Portal. This is where you can find all your policy details and documents, plus all of your driving information and Bonus Miles scores.
  2. You can rest assured that your data is safe with us. We won’t use it to punish you or sell you other products. We won’t release your driving information to the police unless we’re required to by law, or we suspect fraud. And we will only share your driving information with our trusted business partners – we’ll never sell it on.
  3. Our quote form works on all devices, so why not get a quote on your mobile or tablet?