Black box insurance with insurethebox

If you've heard people talking about black box insurance you may have thought they were trying to insure a jet plane, but "No", it's for cars and isn't as daunting as it sounds. Once you know what it is, you might even think it's just the type of car cover you've been looking for.

Telematics boxes are sometimes called a "black box".

When insurethebox decided to use a telematics device, we named it in-tele-box.

Friendlier already, isn't it?

Our in-tele-box uses telematics technology to help us asses the way you drive, which eventually allows us to give you car insurance which reflects your driving habits.

How it all works

Technologies which use telemetry are increasing, and it's understandable why.

With the telematics technology in our in-tele-box we can offer you a type of pay as you drive car insurance, which could save you a lot of money.

The in-tele-box gathers information on the:

  • Number of journeys made
  • Distances travelled
  • Types of roads used
  • Speed
  • Time of travel
  • Levels of acceleration and braking
  • Any accidents which may occur

Rather impressive for a little box the size of a mobile phone.

If you're still not sure about the in-tele-box, then here is a short list of things that you should know.

1. The in-tele-box could save you money.

That's it. What else is there as important as saving money in the car insurance world?

If you are a low mileage, safe driver, then telemetric technology is well worth looking into.

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