insurethebox launched in May 2010, pioneering the use of telematics-based motor insurance. We aim to support journalists’ needs for information when writing about telematics and young driver motor insurance. We have dedicated spokespeople available to discuss relevant issues and a range of resources – including news releases available for you to download below. Case studies are available on request.


Our Press Office, HSL, is the first point of contact for any media enquiries. Please get in touch with Parm Heer, Wendy Harrison or Alison Reeson at or call us on 0208 977 9132.

News Releases


13th December 2017
Driving home for Christmas?

6th December 2017
Is it legal to use a mobile phone as a satnav?

27th November 2017
Compelling telematics evidence thwarts over £170,000 in fraudulent insurance claims

25th October 2017
A nightmare before Christmas

24th October 2017
Fraudulent Claimants Caught Out by Identity Parade

18th October 2017
Insure The Box urges government to embrace telematics as PACTS highlights fall in breath testing

3rd October 2017
Proactive contact with speeding drivers could save 50 lives a year

15th September 2017
Double win for Insure The Box at Insurance Industry Awards

8th September 2017
Insure The Box welcomes Government rethink on Ogden

4th July 2017
High Pollen Levels Could Put Drivers At Risk

21st June 2017
Insure The Box calls for detailed consultation as it welcomes new rules on whiplash claims

30th May 2017
North Tyneside Business Confirms Investment In Local Community With Commitmen To Further Education For Employess

16th May 2017
Elected Mayor Of North Tyneside Opens Expanded Offices For Insure The Box At Quorum Business Park

12th May 2017
Insure The Box Warns Parents Against The Black box ‘White Lie’

3rd March 2017
Insure The Box champions customer-focused claims handling as it becomes an ILC Insurer Partner

27th February 2017
Change in Personal Injury Discount Rate is reckless

26th January 2017
Will 28th January be A Dark Dat For Drivers?

12th January 2017
BIBA’S Research Vindicates 7 year Labour of Love

12th January 2017
Drivers 20% more likely to be in a car accident during the winter months


14th November 2016
What is Santa’s sleigh had a black box fitted?

23rd November 2016
A case of JAM today but not tomorrow?

2nd November 2016
Drivers who speed 20% of the time increase their chance of a crash by 87%*

26th October 2016
The heavy cost drivers pay for an extra hour in bed

19th October 2016
£50,000 saved as Telematics data disproves Claimants’ story

7th October 2016
Insure The Box wins Technology Initiative of the Year

30th September 2016
1st October will impact the most vulnerable motorists

21st September 2016
New Drivers faced with immediate ban for using mobile phone at the wheel

21st September 2016
Insure The Box nominated for Bodyshop Award – Insurance Company of the Year

13th September 2016
Choosing the right driving instructor

24th August 2016
As latest data reveals 8% increase in motorcyclist deaths insurethebox urges young drivers to ‘Think Bike’

25th July 2016
Telematics data provides compelling evidence when used for the first time at liability trial

15th July 2016
Insure The Box welcomes inclusive approach being taken to Driverless Car consultation

13th June 2016
Telematics data provides ground-breaking evidence in insurance fraud ring case

26th May 2016
Bradford crash for cash fraudsters foiled by member of the public and police

16th May 2016
Insure The Box to sponsor 2016 National Road Safety Conference

6th May 2016
Tackling the invisible threat for drivers

April 2016
Adrian Steele Appointed Group Claims Director at Insure The Box Limited

18th March 2016
Serial personal injury claimants drop motor claim as Insure The Box telematics device reveals real story

17th March 2016
Insure the box disappointed by creeping IPT increases