insurethebox data reveals the most dangerous day to drive this month

Forget Friday the 13th, new data from insurethebox, the UK pioneer of telematics car insurance, is urging drivers to take extra care on the roads on Monday 16 December.  Analysis of over 5 billion miles of driving data reveals it is the most likely day in December to have an accident, with the second highest number of accidents for the entire year[1]. And the company is particularly concerned about the safety of young and inexperienced drivers who may be confronting wintry driving conditions for the first time.

Gary Stewart, Service Manager at insurethebox said: “Wintry driving conditions can be a challenge for even the most experienced drivers – and for new drivers black ice, snow or heavy rain can be especially daunting.  They can be caught out by black ice on an ungritted road or temporarily blinded by the glare of the bright winter sun.

“Now we are well and truly in the winter months, it’s important, particularly for new drivers, to know how to react in different weather conditions and to spot the potential hazards. For instance, in wet weather, stopping distances could double and may be 10 times greater on icy roads[2]. And rural roads are especially hazardous for younger drivers, due to higher speed limits, tight corners and narrow lanes. Plus, the risks increase as overhanging trees mean ice may linger for longer and surfaces may not be gritted as well as on main roads.

“But by taking time to understand the risks and adjust their behaviour, young drivers can stay safe this winter”.

insurethebox also believes that a few simple steps in vehicle preparation will help young drivers cope with winter motoring. It’s important to check fuel, oil, water and windscreen wash levels as well as get tyres checked.  Plus, if embarking on a long journey, it makes sense to pack an emergency kit with additional warm clothing and blankets, food and drinks.

“In severe weather, breakdown services will be stretched, and drivers could find themselves waiting for an extended period of time for help to arrive. So, it’s crucial drivers and passengers have the means to keep themselves warm and well in severe conditions,” concluded Gary Stewart.


  • Do the 20p test to ensure that tyres have at least 3mm of tread for wet and wintry conditions
  • Keep headlights and windows clean and clear
  • Keep windscreen washer fluid topped up and add de-icer solutions ahead of temperatures dropping
  • Check wiper blades are clean and clear, and the wiper rubber is still in contact with the frame of the blade
  • It can take 10 times longer to stop on slippery roads, so drivers should consider their speed and allow extra room from the car in front
  • Apply brakes gently in snow and ice
  • Be extra careful when visibility drops
  • Pack an emergency kit, including warm clothing and other breakdown essentials such as reflective gear, a blanket, torch and phone charger
  • Take extra food and drink in case of an emergency
  • Make sure the fuel tank is always at least a quarter full to allow for getting delayed in traffic in bad weather
  • Allow extra time for winter journeys, including time to de-ice the car before setting off
  • Ensure you have ‘all round’ visibility before setting off – clear the windscreen, side and rear windows

insurethebox policies offer an initial 6,000, 8,000 or 10,000 miles of cover. Through a black  box installed in the vehicle, insurethebox uses individual driver data to determine the risk profile of each policyholder and calculate their premiums. insurethebox shares driving data with each customer through a personalised online portal empowering them to better manage their driving habits, in order to reduce their insurance risk profile – and possibly their renewal premiums. In this way, insurethebox helps young motorists make positive changes to their driving behaviour, such as reducing their speed and taking regular breaks on long journeys.


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Notes to Editors


Insure The Box Limited launched in June 2010 with its first product, insurethebox, and now holds over 5 billion miles of driving data and associated claims. As well as insurethebox and drive like a girl (another Insure The Box brand) it also administers other telematics offerings. Insurethebox is owned by Aioi Nissay Dowa Europe Limited, part of the major Japanese insurance group MS&AD Holdings, Inc. The group is taking a leading role in the development of technologies that will change the face of motor insurance and the way we view the car.


[1] ITBL policyholder claims data between 2015-2018. Claims calculated per policy.