If you’ve opted for insurethebox’s PAYD insurance you’ll probably be someone who wants to keep your motoring costs down. Pay as you drive car insurance from insurethebox offers a really competitive option for young drivers and low-mileage users to get on the road, with a unique blend of 6,000, 8,000 or 10,000 Policy Miles of cover which you can Top-Up as you need to drive further.


Options to keep car mileage down

There are a number of really simple ways to keep mileage use as low as possible including:

  • Effective route planning – Sat-nav systems will often calculate a fastest route, which may not be the shortest route. By using a good, old fashioned road map, it may be possible to cut large chunks of busy road off a journey. However, the shortest route may statistically, not always be the safest, and sat-navs have also been known to lead drivers down roads and tracks which are really not suitable for motor vehicles, so beware.
  • Car sharing – When completing a regular journey, say to work or to college, it’s a good idea to check whether other people who live nearby are doing the same daily drive. Car sharing, or pooling, has lots of benefits other than helping to keep mileage down, including fuel savings, environmental benefits, making parking easier for everyone and there’s also a safety element as fewer cars on the roads makes them a less risky place to be.
  • Shanks’s pony – No, we’re not advocating replacing cars with small horses, we’re merely suggesting that some journeys are superfluous and can be made by walking rather than hopping into a car. Yes, we know driving is often easiest and most preferable, especially in winter months, but when miles matter, feet are always a great option.


Earn Bonus Miles to keep you going

Of course, insurethebox customers have the unique option of being able to earn additional miles to add to their Policy Miles during the life of their policy just by driving in a safe and positive manner. Safe drivers can earn up to 100 miles a month to add to their base car insurance cover and this can really come in useful to keep the price down.

But, there is always the option to Top-Up insurethebox’s PAYD insurance, just by buying a bundle of miles through the website customer portal.


Pay as you drive car insurance from insurethebox

So, if you’re not sure whether you’ll need more than your total Policy Miles, never fear, because insurethebox will make sure you get a great deal on the cost of your initial insurance cover and then, if you need to travel further, you can top up.

The cost of Top-Up miles is worked out as a pence-per-mile rate and is dependent on the criteria used to work out your premium price. This means that each driver’s Top-Up Miles will be priced according to the cost of their car insurance quote.

Once you have received a quote from insurethebox our customer services team will be able to tell you your price for Top-Up Miles, which will be applicable for as long as the details of your policy remain the same.

So, call us today on 0333 123 1308 to get a quote for PAYD insurance* or click on the Get a Quote button now do get covered online.

*With insurethebox you get all the benefits of a PAYD policy and more. All Insurethebox private car policies are sold on a limited mileage, comprehensive cover basis, where extra mileage can either be purchased as you need it or earned free of charge by driving safely, meaning you can truly manage the cost of your motoring.