Ah, what could be easier for telematics car insurance holders than parking? Sadly, the GPS technology used as part of your telematics cover won’t help you manoeuvre your vehicle into a tight space and, if the Highway Code is anything to go by, parking correctly can be surprisingly difficult.


Parking by the Highway Code rules

You need to find a parking place which isn’t on double yellow lines, near a school entrance, blocking an entrance or exit used by emergency services, on or near a bus stop or taxi rank, near a level crossing, opposite a junction or anywhere within ten meters on the approach to it…

And is not near the top of a hill or bridge, opposite a traffic island or another parked vehicle, or next to a piece of lowered curb used by wheelchair users and mobility vehicles…

And is not in front of the entrance to someone’s property, on a bend, or where a cyclist’s view of cycle facilities are blocked by your car.

However, once you’ve found your space, you now have another check-list to consider.

Whether you are an experienced motorists or a new road user, whether you are a low mileage driver or not, you must make sure that you do not park against the flow of traffic, stop too close to a vehicle which is displaying a Blue Badge, or leave any valuables on show.

You must also make sure that you park as close to the side of the road as possible so that your vehicle doesn’t take up too much road space; remember to turn the engine, headlights, and fog lights off, and make sure that the handbrake is on.

Okay, so you’ve parked somewhere safe and your vehicle is now secured and ready to leave unattended. Wait! Make sure that before you open your door, there are no cyclists or pedestrians approaching. You don’t want to cause an accident by swinging your door open into them.

Oh and don’t forget to remove any valuable items from your car, then lock it once you’ve got out.


Telematics car insurance and parking correctly

If you are a low mileage driver and always take care to park in an area where you will not block any traffic or put other people at risk of suffering an accident, then insurethebox could save you money on your annual premium because you are a positive driver.

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