The European Court of Justice has ruled that insurance premiums after 21 December 2012 should be “gender-neutral”.


What does that mean?

At the moment car insurance companies work on the basis that young women cost them a lot less than young men overall, so girls get the cheaper prices. But after 21st December the EU says that men and women must be offered the same price if their circumstances are otherwise identical.

This is a big change and you can expect traditional car insurance companies to move their prices around considerably. The changes will be greatest for women under 25. Car insurance companies might drop their prices a bit for young men, but prices are expected to rise substantially for young women.


What do we think at insurethebox?

We say forget traditional motor insurance! If you’re a safe driver – boy or girl – then get yourself a telematics box and prove it. You don’t need to subsidise bad drivers who think the world is their racetrack.

At insurethebox we reward safe drivers. 95% of our customers aged 18 to 25 save money when they renew their policies with us – with average price reductions of 34%! That’s on top of the great prices they had when they joined us.


What does this mean?

It means that with insurethebox ‘gender-neutral’ pricing does not, after all, have to cost girls more. Safe drivers, of either sex, will continue to get great deals.