If you are looking for car insurance for new drivers, this could be expensive with some insurers, but there are ways of lowering the cost of your premium.

Young driver car insurance is well-known for being pricey, but by getting covered with us, you could see your quote reduce in price. Plus, if you prove to be a safe driver, then we let you earn additional Bonus Miles towards your cover – miles that you don’t have to pay for – and you could even find that we reduce the cost of your policy at renewal if we see that you’ve been driving positively during the lifetime of your policy.

Something to steer clear of, however, is getting points on your licence.


Points are placed on a driver’s licence if he or she commits a motoring offence. These offences range from minor to severe, but whatever the reason for the points being there, they are likely to affect the price of your car insurance with us, as it would with any other insurer.

On conviction for committing a driving offence a motorist’s licence is endorsed and penalty points added. As a new driver, should you receive six or more penalty points within a period of two years after having passed your driving test for the first time – then your licence will be withdrawn under the Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act 1995.

If a motorist builds up 12 penalty points over a period of three years, at any point in their driving career, this may result in a driving disqualification.

Each endorsement has its own offence code and a certain amount of points associated with it, from one to eleven.

Serious driving offences such as causing death by dangerous driving, or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving, will result in a greater amount of points being placed on a licence, and will also mean that the offence is kept on the licence for 11 years.

Endorsements for offences such as reckless or dangerous driving, which do not result in a fatality or severe personal injury, will be kept on an individual’s licence for four years and be represented by fewer penalty points.

Driving safe

Avoiding points on a licence is easy when the rules of the road are followed. Keeping to speed limits, driving with a clear head, and paying attention to all road signs and surroundings should greatly reduce chances of causing someone an injury or getting an endorsement.

If a driver is worried that their road skills may result in them committing a driving offence, then they can enrol in the Pass Plus scheme to improve their knowledge of the road and become more confident as a road user.

Finding car insurance for new drivers

If you are a safe driver who is keen to improve your skills and be rewarded for this, then getting a quote with us may be well worth your while.

Drivers who insure with us can look forward to earning themselves Bonus Miles towards their cover by driving safely, and this may reduce the price of their insurance at renewal.

To see how much you could save on your car insurance for new drivers with insurethebox, simply click on get a quote.

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