This month, thanks to all of our customers and supporters over the past six years, we have managed to reach a truly huge milestone – collecting 3 billion miles of driving data.

This is a big deal for Insure The Box as it means we can provide even greater cover for our customers. The black boxes we supply with every insurance policy allow us to collect data on our customers’ driving styles, which we can then analyse and use in a variety of ways.

So what have we achieved through 3 billion miles of driving data?

We are very proud to say we have helped champion road safety on both urban and country roads, and have contributed to making roads safer through our collection of data. Our black box records data on a driver’s driving characteristics, such as speeding and harsh braking, which all contribute to their insurance premium. We prefer to reward safe drivers and do so by giving them Bonus Miles when they have consistently driven safely over their insurance period.

Accident alerts

Not only do our telematics boxes help to predict driver behaviour and reward safe driving, it has helped provide 100,000 accident alerts. Thankfully, our black boxes can detect a strong impact, raising an alarm with our Accident Alert service immediately. This means that we can give the driver a call to see if they are ok, or need assistance.

On average this system leads us to making around 16 calls to the emergency services each month, to direct them to the scene of an accident as quickly as possible. This is a great safety measure, and one that helps to protect the lives of countless road users each year.

This technology has placed us in an exclusive position to help understand the process of an accident, and provide tips on how to try and avoid causing or being involved in an accident on the roads. Data from our black boxes has proved to not only help drivers to drive safely, but to be incredibly valuable in identifying and tackling fraudulent insurance claims.

Our customers

We’ve had an incredible total of nearly 700,000 customers driving sensibly, with safety at the forefront of their mind – and being rewarded for doing so.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team have answered a staggering 2.7 million calls, including enquiries, sales and claims, helping you to get answers to your questions and find the right policy for you.

Insure The Box is proud to be at the heart and forefront of telematics technology, especially as our black boxes help people of all ages; from newly passed drivers at the age of 17, right up to our oldest customer who is 86 years old. After all, safe driving is ageless.

We want to reward safe drivers of all ages, and help to give them an insurance policy that truly reflects their driving. The data we collect from a black box is uploaded to a driver’s own personal portal, so they can access the information to see where they’re driving well – and where needs improvement.

So if you want to take control of your driving style, feel safer whilst behind the wheel and be rewarded for your safe driving, get a quote with us today. Here’s to the next billion miles of data – will you be a part of it?


*3 billion miles and other references to data are the totals collected across all Insure The Box Limited brands – including insurethebox, drive like a girl and other administered telematics offerings.