As 2018 begins, the talk of New Year resolutions also starts. A lot of people opt for sticking to the tried and tested health-based resolutions, such as drinking less or promising to get fitter. According to a recent YouGov poll, the most common resolutions for 2018 are to eat better and exercise more, with things like learning a new skill, getting a new job and spending less money also appearing in the list. Instead of picking your usual options, consider making some New Year’s resolutions about driving instead. Get the most out of driving and focus on how you can become a better driver this year.

Learn to drive

There has been a 20% drop in Under-25s learning to drive in recent years. However, it’s never too late to learn how to drive. For 2018, your driving resolution could be that you start learning. Driving is a useful and proficient skill that can provide you with plenty of opportunities in your personal and professional life. It takes until the age of 25 for the brain to fully develop, making learning to drive after the age of 17 the perfect time to pick up this new skill.

Drive economically

Driving can affect the environment negatively, which is often forgotten by motorists. A study showed that an average of 10% of weekly fuel bills was saved by those taking part in an eco-driving trial. For better fuel efficiency, reduce the amount of weight in the car – if it’s unnecessary baggage or clutter piled up in your boot, then leave it at home. Other economical driving tips include driving as smoothly as possible with gentle acceleration; avoiding unnecessary braking and accelerating by keeping a safe distance from the car in front, avoiding leaving your car idling (as this wastes fuel as well as adding to CO2 emissions), and staying within the speed limit – which can effectively reduce the amount of fuel being used.

Following the topic of economical driving, limiting the amount of unnecessary driving is also an excellent driving resolution for this year. For shorter and more feasible journeys, rather than driving, walking is a great alternative to getting behind the wheel. It can also act as a great way to reinforce the traditional exercise resolutions, as well as being cost-effective and eco-friendly. Three resolutions in one!

Refresh your mind

If it’s been some time since you passed your driving test, it’s advisable to participate in a driving refresher course every five years. A refresher in driving is a practical and responsible way to make sure that you practice, and will continue to practice, safe driving habits. These refresher courses are designed to specifically help drivers to continue to drive safely, as well as covering any changes to regulations or laws.

Prioritise car maintenance

While some accidents can be due to driver error, poor maintenance is another big contender. Poor car tyre maintenance is rapidly becoming the number one cause of accidents in the UK, with 446 accidents linked to defective tyres in 2016. This is why making a resolution to give your car some TLC is a productive option for 2018. It can be as simple as doing fortnightly maintenance, such as checking your tyre pressure, engine oil levels, coolant levels and screen wash system. Do not, however, forget monthly checks, such as changing air filters, brake fluids and battery checks, as long as this does not invalidate your car’s warranty. It is most effective to establish a routine for these checks, as it can ultimately save you money from any expensive repairs – and potentially prevent accidents.

Make a driving bucket list

The majority of car owners see their vehicle as a way to get from A to B – a way to get to work or get children to school. But did you know that 3.6 million Britons go on self-drive tours to Europe each year? A constructive and creative driving resolution could be to create a driving bucket list. Think about places you’d like to drive to in your car; it doesn’t have to be outside the UK. You can utilise your car, as well as crossing off any travelling resolutions you might have made.

What are your driving New Year’s resolutions? We’d love to hear about them!