Just like the 18th birthday, moving out or the first job – one never really forgets the days of driving for the first time.

If you’ve recently passed your driving test, you must be buzzing! The sweet days of freedom and independence are closer than ever.

If you’re on the lookout for a car, check out our guide to buying your first car to make sure your game plan is on point. If you already have your eyes set on one, or have this sorted, the next big thing is finding cheap car insurance for new drivers. 

What is the average cost for young driver insurance?

Finding affordable car insurance can be tricky for new and young drivers. Lack of experience is a red flag to many insurers and – unfortunate for you – this shows in the premiums. As a new driver, you also have no NCD; No Claim Discount, which could take down the price of your premium based on the number of years you’ve had an insurance policy without making a claim.

According to MoneySuperMarket, the average cost of car insurance for young drivers is £1,109 for 18-year-olds, £1,043 for 19-year-olds and £979 for 20-year-olds, decreasing slightly from 23 years onwards.

And this is where black box insurance comes in…

Cheaper car insurance with a black box

In 2019 17-24-year-old customers renewing after their first year at insurethebox received an average discount of 24% on their premium.1 The best drivers within that age group received a discount of 37% on average!2

But how?

Well, insurance is all about risk. And risk is personal. The data from the black box fitted in a car gives us a lot more information than traditional insurers have so we’re able to give accurate pricing with a solid estimate of each customer’s personal risk of having an accident.

What we do at insurethebox is reward safe driving. Keeping to an appropriate speed, avoiding harsh braking and accelerating, avoiding driving at night and overall being a smooth driver can all help you bring down the cost of your premium.

So, as long as you’re a safe driver, a black box can help you save money on your insurance.

Why should I get a black box in my car?

Yes, we get it. It seems a bit Big Brother-y to you…

But there is a lot more to black box insurance than saving money. You might feel overly confident when you first get behind the wheel – after all, getting a driver’s licence is a huge achievement – but trust us when we say it: it takes time to do it well. 

Having a black box in your car allows you to monitor your own driving and learn how to drive better. With a personalised online portal you can keep an eye on how you’re doing to not only aim for that premium discount but also to drive safely.

Your safety matters the most, and the box is a great help there. The black box can provide information on how your journey went and its data is a great piece of evidence, if you need to make a claim. You might want to share driving information with a parent, or at least you’ll know that your insurer is looking after you.

With insurethebox policy features like the Accident Alert and Theft Tracker, you’ll know that we, too, care about your safety. We also reward safe drivers with monthly Bonus Miles – the annual maximum of 1,200 miles is basically a free drive from London to Loch Ness and back!

So, a chance to take control of your insurance and save money, a good way to keep on improving after getting your licence and an extra layer of safety on the road. What’s not to like?! Black box insurance is a great fit for new drivers.

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1Customers with a policy start date between 1st Jan-31st Dec 2018.

2Customers with a policy start date between 1st Jan-31st Dec 2018 who earned 60+ monthly Bonus Miles. Customers can earn max. 100 Bonus Miles/month for driving safely.