insurethebox helps new drivers spot the risks of bad driving

The summer months are here – and they’re a great excuse to get out on the road with friends and family. But a car full of friends can add to the risks on the road – especially on country lanes.

Analysis from insurethebox, a winner in the 2019 FirstCar Young Driver Safety Awards, shows that:

  • Young drivers are 30% more likely to have an accident if they speed on country roads*.
  • Over half of all serious accidents on country roads are due to loss of control.
  • New drivers are three times more likely to crash in the first three months of their policy, compared to the last three months.

Wouldn’t it be great to help young drivers monitor their driving – and reward them for good driving?

insurethebox does just that.

The pocket-size black box is fitted to the car free of charge**. Once installed, the driver’s personal online portal helps them learn what driving habits will make them safer on the road – like watching their speed and the safer times to drive – as well as alerting them to the bad habits to avoid, like sharp braking and accelerating.

The safer they drive, the more Bonus Miles*** drivers earn, which can also help bring down the cost of their premium at renewal.

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*insurethebox driving data. Customers who break the speed limit on country roads at least 2.5% of the time.
**Unless the policy is cancelled and a black box has already been fitted.
***Drivers can earn up to 100 Bonus Miles per month.