What defines a good car for a young driver? 

If you ask a young driver, they’re likely to talk about style, easiness of driving and affordability. If you ask a parent of a young driver, the first answer is likely to be ‘safety’.

And it should all of that – safe and easy to maintain, inexpensive to run but something you’ll also enjoy driving.

Finding the right car is challenging. Instead of just going to a local garage there’s now plenty of cars to browse online. 

As long as you make a solid checklist for what you’re looking for, and keep it in mind even when you come across the coolest car ever, you can get the task done without a hassle. We also put together a guide to buying your first car to help you get started.

So what are the best cars for young drivers in 2020?

Whatcar? compelled a list based on safety, insurance, fuel economy and finance packages and recommend the following:

  1. Kia Picanto

  2. SEAT Ibiza

  3. Volkswagen Polo

  4. Hyundai i10

  5. Skoda Citigo

  6. Volkswagen Up

  7. SEAT Mii

  8. Ford Fiesta

  9. Skoda Fabia

  10. Kia Rio

motorway agree on a handful of these models also but suggest Skoda Citigo, MINI Hatch, Toyota Aygo, Fiat 500 and Suzuki Swift in addition.

What else should young drivers consider?

Car insurance for young drivers

Most car insurers give you a discount based on your No Claim Discount – but if you’re new to driving, you haven’t earned any yet. Insurance is likely to be expensive for young drivers because they’re seen as the high-risk group.

At insurethebox we don’t just rely on NCDs. The black box fitted to your car tells us exactly how you are as a driver so that we can give you a personalised price at renewal.

We trust you to take control of your driving so to get the premium that you deserve.

Learn more about what we do.

Dash cams

Thanks to personalised insurance products, like telematics, it’s easier than ever to learn to drive safely and become more confident behind the wheel.

Dash cams are another great way for young drivers to understand what they can do better when driving.

Many insurers, like insurethebox, encourage customers to use a dash cam as an extra layer of protection. It can be a bit blurry sometimes who is to blame for an accident so just like having a black box in your car, a dash cam can provide solid evidence and help resolve the claim quicker.

Join insurethebox

Our mission is to make the roads safer whilst giving young drivers the opportunity to continue learning without being penalised for being new on the road. 

We reward safe driving – and if you do it well, you could enjoy a great discount at renewal. 55% of our customers receive an average premium discount of 38% when renewing after their first year.*

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*Customers with a policy start date between Q1 2017 – Q3 2018. These customers earned 60+ monthly Bonus Miles.