Just as the current pandemic has affected the population, it has affected the way we conduct business; we and our box installation partners made a decision very early on to halt all black box fitting appointments in a collective effort to halt the spread of Covid-19.

This was an essential step for us to maintain the safety of our customers and staff – and even though all customers remained insured during this period, we also needed to develop our policy in line with Government advice and prepare for (new) normality after lockdown.

Thanks to our installation partners, after a period of time developing the necessary safety measures, we are happy to return to normality – well, sort of. This follows the Government advice which gave us the green light to resume our engineer appointments safely.


How can the engineer fit my black box safely during social-distancing measures?

Our customers’ wellbeing is very important to us. Our engineers have now been trained to follow a revised appointment process based on Government advice to ensure your safety, and theirs. All engineers have been provided with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and they will conduct the appointment whilst maintaining a safe distance to you.

Here’s what you need to know about the appointment: 

  • Our engineers are equipped with: disposable gloves, face masks, antibacterial spray, disinfectant hand rub, water dispenser and hand wash.
  • Any engineer showing symptoms, or living with someone showing symptoms, will self-isolate immediately.
  • All engineers will be travelling alone. Anyone normally sharing a van for training or mentoring purposes will be working alone.
  • During the appointment, the engineer will keep a 2-meter distance from you at all times which means they might need to ask you to take a step back when conducting checks or fitting the black box.
  • During the appointment, the engineer will spray and disinfect any surfaces they have touched or worked on, including your car keys.

We are confident that this approach will help soothe your nerves. At every stage, we have looked at Government guidelines and how we can develop in line with these, so rest assured, we continually look to promote safety to put your mind at ease.


What if I have symptoms or I want to self-isolate?

Of course, the situation is not over – it will be some time until the current pandemic reaches an end, so we will continue to review our policy as times change. Some of you may be feeling apprehensive about getting the black box fitted by our engineers during this time.

So, if you are self-isolating or someone is ill in your household, you will have the option to rearrange your appointment via email or phone when you’re contacted. Whilst it is important for us to get your black box fitted, we also want you to be comfortable with the measures we’re taking.

Once the black box is fitted in your car, all of your policy features will work as normal; after 5-6 weeks, your driving data will be available in Your Portal for you to keep track of your driving scores and mileage. The black box also enables the Accident Alert and Theft Tracker features of your policy.


Choosing to halt our black box fitting service was a decision that we did not take lightly – but we did so to keep our customers protected.

Moving forward, we continue this same message of safety, but hope to gain some semblance of normality. We want to assure all of our customers and customers-to-be that their safety is important to us.