Having a motoring conviction on your driving licence is likely to affect your car insurance.

Depending on the offence, it could mean as little as a slight increase in the cost, but, for the most serious penalties it could render you uninsurable to many underwriters. To protect your car insurance, convictions should always be kept to a minimum – preferably none – but if you have been caught speeding, for instance, you can always prove that you are a reformed road rascal by choosing insurethebox.


Car insurance for convicted drivers

When a driver comes to insurethebox they are getting a quote for telematics insurance on a limited-mileage basis.

This means that a telematics device, known as a black box, is fitted to the insured driver’s car so that insurethebox can monitor their driving. The miles are counted, so when a driver runs out of miles, he or she has to top-up their cover, rather like topping up on mobile phone credit.

But the best thing about telematics insurance is that convicted drivers can show that they have mended their ways and are safe, positive road users.

For instance, a driver who has an endorsement for speeding may not normally be in the habit of acting like a boy (or girl) racer and, with insurethebox car insurance, it is plain to see whether they continue to drive with disregard to speed limits, as all sorts of road data is collected from the black box, analysed by insurethebox, then displayed on the policyholder’s private customer portal page.

So, if a driver always drives within the speed limit for the roads they are travelling on, they will get a “green” readout. And a “green” readout means the possibility of earning Bonus Miles – extra miles of cover to add to the original Policy Miles. There are a number of other criteria which contribute to the earning of Bonus Miles, such as what time of day the driver travels at, and use of braking and acceleration, etc.

Insurethebox customers who have green readings throughout can earn up to 100 extra miles per month and this can really help to keep motoring costs down.


Reformed road rascals step forward for car insurance

Plus, when you come to renew at the end of an incident free year of motoring, not only will you have gained a one year no-claims bonus, but insurethebox will be able to see how well you’ve driven over the year and will offer you a renewal quote with this information taken into account.

It’s a win-win situation. So, if you need car insurance, convictions needn’t stand in your way. Get a quote with insurethebox today.