As part of it’s plan to improve the quality and reach of their services ILC is excited to announce that the global pioneer of telematics-based car insurance and the leading provider of telematics policies in the UK, Insure The Box, has become an ILC Insurer Partner.  This is an initiative that seeks to foster close relationships with insurers in order to achieve the common goal of making our industry and our people ‘better tomorrow’.

Launched in 2010, Insure The Box achieved a significant landmark at the end of 2016 with the accumulation of 3 billion miles of driving data and all associated claims.  This makes the firm the custodian of the largest volume of driving data for insurance in the UK, and one of the most significant driving datasets in the world, enabling it to deliver a highly customer-focused motor insurance experience.  Insure The Box is also a champion for safer driving amongst the 17-24 year old age group, who make up the biggest proportion of its customers.

In recognition of the partnership Mike Brockman, Founder and Group Chief Executive of Insure The Box will be speaking at the ILC 2017 Motor Claims Conference on 4th July 2017.  “The claims eco-system will be going through a significant change in the coming years. The rapid increase of in-car and autonomous technology will change the nature, frequency, severity and sophistication of claims. Being in the middle of the claims industry will never be more important. The ILC Brand and its services is now the No.1 way you can achieve this.”

Mike Brockman continued:  “With the unrivalled wealth of data we now hold, we can calculate the individual risk of a customer having an accident. At the claims stage, our telematics insights allow us to expedite claims more efficiently and identify potentially fraudulent claims.  This is all having a positive impact on our claims loss ratios and we look forward to bringing these learnings to our partnership with ILC.”

In the coming months, Insure The Box claims professionals will also be visible at ILC conferences and events, whether as an attendee, a speaker or both.

Chris Ashworth, ILC Chairman said, “It’s great news that Insure The Box has agreed to become an ILC Insurer Partner. Their approach to technology and innovation, combined with the way the customer is placed at the centre of the claims process, makes them an ideal partner. It now means that their insights and expertise can be made accessible to members of the ILC community.”