insurethebox urges young motorists to stay safe as the risk of accident increases by 12% during winter months

London, 13th December 2017 – Global pioneer of telematics-based car insurance insurethebox has revealed that it alerts the emergency services to a customer involved in a serious crash on average 10 times a month through its Accident Alert service. And this figure increases to 14 in the winter (November-January) months. Plus, analysis of insurethebox’s 3 billion miles of data reveals that during the darker days of winter, drivers face an added 12% increase in accident risk (1) . insurethebox is urging young drivers, many of whom will be planning the long drive home from university, to take extra care and ensure they stay safe on the roads – especially those experiencing difficult driving conditions for the first time.

“As the holidays approach, many students will find themselves making the long journey home in less than ideal driving conditions with the darker, shorter days bringing reduced visibility and the risk of snow and ice,” explained Simon Rewell, Road Safety Manager at insurethebox. “Clear and sunny winter days can also result in strong glare – and for many, driving in these conditions will be a first. While the temptation may be to put their foot down in order to make time, we encourage drivers to be mindful of speed limits, reduce their speed as appropriate for the conditions, and take 20 minute rest breaks at least every 2.5 hours.

“Through the use of in-car telematics technology, we are helping thousands of young people take control of their driving behaviour and reducing road accidents. As the first insurance provider to include Accident Alerts as part of its car insurance offering, we are also able to provide support in the event of an accident. Should the worst happen and a policy holder is involved in an accident, we are able to contact the emergency services directly on behalf of the customer, which provides greater peace of mind that someone is always looking out for them.”

insurethebox receives crash alerts directly from customers’ cars through telematics data, which identify the G-force of an impact as well as considering the time of day and location of the incident, enabling insurethebox to help the customer in real-time. If data suggests there has been a crash, insurethebox can provide Accident Alert support by calling emergency services to the exact location of the car, which in the case of a serious accident can make the difference between life and death.

insurethebox policies provide an initial 6,000, 8,000 or 10,000 miles of cover. A telematics box installed in the vehicle then monitors the policyholder’s driving and rewards safer drivers with up to 100 free bonus miles per month. Customers can check their progress through a customised online portal and see how many extra miles they have earned. Renewal premiums consider individual driving style and provide safer drivers with lower premiums.

  1. Insure The Box analysis of 18,000 accident claims – October/November 2012 – 2016.

Notes to Editors

Insure The Box

Insure The Box Limited launched in June 2010 with its first product; insurethebox, and is the UK’s largest telematics (or black box) insurance provider, now holding over 3 billion miles of driving data and associated claims. As well as insurethebox and drive like a girl (another Insure The Box brand) it also administers other telematics offerings. Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company of Europe Limited (ANDIE), subsidiary of Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company Limited and part of the major Japanese insurance group MS&AD Holdings, Inc., acquired the majority stake in Box Innovation Group Limited (which is the 100% owner of Insure The Box) in March 2015. Together they are taking a leading role in the development of technologies that will change the face of motor insurance and the way we view the car.

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