Drivers are faced with a number of impediments to their visibility while on the road. Pouring rain, fog, snow, even bright sunshine, and poor street lighting are just a small number of challenges we’re faced with while trying to safely steer our cars through the streets.


Good visibility in these conditions is difficult enough but many drivers get caught short because their car is not adequately prepared for driving in different kinds of weather. Condensation, dirty mirrors and headlights can all make visibility worse.


You can help yourself greatly by ensuring that you and your car are as prepared as possible for driving, whether in severe weather or not, by following our helpful tips:


  • If you find condensation in your car before setting off, try to reduce it by turning on your windscreen defroster (if you have one) or your windscreen heater and make sure the heat is directed straight at your screen to be most effective. If this doesn’t work, check there’s nothing damp in your car – if there is, remove it.
  • Ensure your mirrors, windscreen and headlights are as clean as possible and always carry some screen wash and cloths with you, which can be bought at most supermarkets and garages
  • Make sure your windscreen wiper fluid is topped up
  • Check your wipers are in good working order, or they won’t clean your windscreen properly, hindering your visibility further
  • Carry an ice scraper and some gloves in case you stop somewhere en route and come back to find your car has frozen over
  • Carry an antifreeze spray to help with stubborn snow or ice
  • Keep a pair of sunglasses in the car to prevent bright sunlight from dazzling you on the road.


And if you want to be extra safe on the road it’s sensible to carry an emergency kit which should contain:

  • A first aid kit
  • An emergency triangle in case you need to stop on the road – the triangle alerts other drivers that you have stopped and prevents collisions
  • Jump leads in case you have a dead battery
  • A flashlight and spare batteries
  • Blankets


Never underestimate the perils of poor visibility. Not only is it dangerous, it’s also illegal to drive if your visibility is impeded.