Drivers are faced with a number of hindrances to their visibility while on the road. Pouring rain, dense fog, snow, bright sunshine or poor street lighting are just a number of challenges you might face while driving.

Before you set off, it’s important to make sure nothing’s in the way of your visibility on the road…

Driving in difficult conditions is hard as it is but often drivers get caught short because their car’s not properly prepared. Condensation, dirty mirrors or headlights set you back before you even start the car.

Make sure you and your car are ready for anything – just follow our five simple tips for good driving visibility:

1. Reduce condensation

Turn on your windscreen defroster or heater before setting off and make sure the heat is directed straight at your screen. If this doesn’t work, have a look if there’s something damp in your car causing the humidity – if there is, get rid of it.

2. Clean your mirrors

Make sure your mirrors, windscreen and headlights are clean, and keep some screen wash and cloths in the car for a quick wipe when necessary.

3. Top up windscreen fluid

In heavy rain the roads can turn nasty really fast so top up your windscreen fluid and check your wipers are in good working order to keep your visibility clear if this happens.

4. Scrape the ice

In the winter, keep an ice scraper and some gloves in the car to scrape away the frost blocking your visibility. Get yourself an antifreeze spray for the stubborn slush.

5. Don’t get blinded

Keep a pair of sunglasses in the car to prevent bright sunlight from dazzling you on the road.

And for the teacher’s pets out there – if you want to be extra safe on the road, it’s sensible to carry an emergency kit containing:

  • A first-aid kit
  • An emergency triangle in case you need to stop on the road – this alerts other drivers that you’ve stopped and prevents collisions
  • Jump leads for a dead battery
  • A flashlight and spare batteries
  • Blankets or a warm coat

Never underestimate the risks of poor visibility. It’s not only dangerous, but also illegal to drive with impeded visibility. Luckily with these tips, you’re good to go!