Women are commonly thought of as being better at multi-tasking than men, but there are moments when woman’s car insurance holders should undertake one task and one alone – driving.

In 2009, data showed that around 450,000 crashes a year were being caused by women applying makeup behind the wheel.

According to statistics, ladies’ car insurance holders of 17 to 21 years of age were the most likely to try to put makeup on while driving and cause a road traffic accident as a result.

Twenty-seven percent of young women, insured with a leading woman’s car insurance provider at the time, admitted to this dangerous activity and nine percent had subsequently been involved in an accident because of it.

In comparison only six percent of women drivers of 56 years and older stated that they had applied makeup while on the road, and only half of one percent of the ladies in this age group had suffered a collision as a result.

The managing director of the women’s insurer was reported in a news report as saying, “Is your mascara more important than yours and other road users’ safety? Even if you’re lucky enough to arrive at your destination safely, you could be charged with careless driving if spotted by the police.

“Women are generally great at doing more than one thing at once but this is definitely one area where multi-tasking should not be practiced.”

A spokesperson for The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents re-iterated the concerns of many motoring experts by saying, “Driving requires concentration and even a momentary lapse could turn a near-miss into a serious or even fatal accident. Common sense says apply make-up before or after driving.”

Distracted driving is dangerous and could result in the motorist, any passengers and other road users involved, suffering severe injury or even death.

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