Car insurance for women is usually cheaper than for males. This gender-related trend in motor cover became applicable after a report by the Department of Gender and Women’s Health at the World Health Organisation recognised that women were at fault in fewer high speed crashes than male drivers – effectively costing insurers much less in payouts for material damage and personal injury.

Women drivers tend to be involved in more low speed, rear-end shunt type accidents at junctions and roundabouts, and these are invariably less costly to insurers. So, it has been calculated into risk algorithms that women deserve to pay less for their cover.

However, a woman who drives around five to six thousand miles a year will still pay roughly the same for car insurance as a driver who tells her insurance company she drives eight thousand miles, but then goes on to drive ten thousand miles.

Can this be fair? insurethebox thinks not.

Low mileage car insurance for women

When you buy car insurance for women with insurethebox you select how many Policy Miles you expect to drive and we fit a small telematics device into your car. This little box, the black box, monitors all your driven journeys and relays driving information back to our technical centre where we analyse and configure the data.

insurethebox policyholders have access to a personalised customer portal which shows them all the gathered statistics in a clear and concise form, so it is possible to see when journeys have been made, how far has been driven and how the car was driven, for example, use of speed, harsh braking, and aggressive acceleration.

A low mileage car insurance policy is generally cheaper than traditional cover and there’s no need to worry if you are not sure how many miles you drive annually as insurethebox has a top-up facility so that you can purchase bundles of extra miles, in much the same way that you would top-up a mobile phone, if you run short on Policy Miles.

insurethebox does great car insurance for women

Buying ladies car insurance is a legal necessity, even if you only use your car on seldom occasions or just for short journeys. But, by having one of our clever little black boxes fitted you can hopefully get cheaper car insurance which also offers accident alert and theft tracker as standard.

Take a look at our website to find out more about Bonus Miles and Top Up Miles or click on our videos to see how the customer portal works and how box fitting is arranged.

To find out if insurethebox could save you money on your car insurance for women click on our get a quote button and fill in our simple form. It’ll only take a few minutes and if you want to consider all your options by comparing our quote with other insurers you can always retrieve the quote later.

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