From Satnav Secrets to Service Station Saviours.  We’ve got you covered.

Festival season is in full swing. Are you ready to hit the road? Don’t worry – even if you’re a first timer, you can style it out like a seasoned pro. From wet wipes to waterproofs, a few inside tips can bring more luxe to life under the stars.

But what about the travel?  Getting from A to B (usually a field, park, or farm!) can have a bigger impact than you think. It’s all about life choices here. Do you want to sit back and relax as the sun goes down? Or sweat the small stuff trying to pitch a tent in the dark? We speak from experience – mapping out your journey can be the biggest difference between the two.

Let’s think about this logically.  Festivals bring people together. They can be home to thousands of music lovers. If you’re in the lucky number with tickets and plan to drive, you’ll be sharing the roads with a ton of people on a mission to beat the queues. Landed yourself as designated driver for your group of mates? Here’s a few things to bear in mind:

  • Is your car as prepared as you are? Think lights and tyres, oil and water. And do you have breakdown cover sorted? Check to see if you’ve added this to your car insurance policy. You don’t want your mates giving you the cold shoulder on the hard shoulder, watching your hazard lights rather than the main stage.
  • Check the festival website for sat nav codes. For the bigger events, depending on where you’re travelling from, these can vary.  Who knew?!
  • Having a pal who’ll shout out for the caffeine hits and service station stops is like gold dust. Buy their breakfast, keep their place in the toilet queue.  Whatever it takes – because most people will nod off.  So, get someone to be your buddy – and make it worth their while.
  • Festival sites can be huge. Think of multiple football fields and you’re almost there. So, check out if you need to approach on the side where you want to park. It can save you hours sat in queues nearer the site.
  • The worst time to arrive at a festival can be just before the gates open. Queues can take several hours. And arriving like a hot sticky mess wasn’t quite the look we were going for, right? Get the inside knowledge – there’s some hardcore festival bloggers out there who know the score on this.

Okay, so you don’t want to think about the drive home.  Like, give us a break – we haven’t even got there yet. But trust us, you’ll thank us later. This calls for a bit of a checklist. Just a few seconds of your time to ask:

  • Are you okay to drive? Festivals and a fantastic night’s sleep aren’t aligned, we get it.  But if you’re behind the wheel on the way home, try front-loading your fun. On the last night, stock up on shut eye, unpack your earplugs and earmark a good place for that morning coffee.
  • It’s not just your car that needs fuel. Top up your tank with a good breakfast.  It won’t break the bank either.   Some festivals have Meal Deal offers.  Keep your eye out for these and find the ones nearest your tent.  You won’t feel like walking for miles at this point, believe us!
  • Check out the nearest services for that all-important first pit stop. You’re looking for drive-thru heaven here.  Somewhere with quality coffee, the best burgers, and a well-stocked shop.
  • Be an early bird. Don’t be tempted to leave before sunrise. Our data shows that drivers are more likely to have an accident if they’re on the roads between 9pm and 2am. But do consider a farewell to the fields before 8am.  After that, at most festivals, things can start to get BUSY.
  • Stock up the car with water and snacks. There’ll be queues to get out.  And no one wants a hangry driver, do they?

Finally, before grabbing your torch and toilet rolls. PLEASE don’t forget the most important T-word of all. TICKETS. And that includes the one for the car park. Put them with your car key. Set a reminder in your phone. Even stick a note on the front door. There’s nothing worse than a sinking feeling somewhere on a slip road. So don’t leave home without them. And before your blood runs cold at that thought, add bin bags to your list.  Not the most glamorous, we know. But bagging yourself a roll covers everything from rubbish collecting to emergency raincoat.

Safe travels and see you down the front!