Choose to spend just ONE evening a year dedicated to your soulmate; they may be messy, they may cost you lots of money, they may even drive you up the wall – but they will always be there, just where you left them. Ready to take you on new adventures, to faraway lands – that’s why we recommend devote this ONE night of the year being kind, loving and appreciative of your car and all that it does for you.

Swap your steamy night in, for a night of love and care for your dearest companion; whether it yearns for its tyre pressure checked, lusts to be oiled up, or gently asks you to polish all its nuts and bolts – be there to support all its needs.

This may not be the picturesque romantic scenario you would see written about in a novel your newly divorced Auntie would pick off the shelf – but it does have the ability to have a much better ending.


Make these essential checks to your car, and reap the rewards – they may not buy you presents, or give you unconditional love, but if you spend the time pampering your car, it will hopefully take care of you too.

It could help:

  •       Prolong the overall lifespan of your vehicle.
  •        Save you money.
  •       Increase safety for both yourself and passengers.
  •       Maintain the value of your car.
  •       Impress your Tinder date.
  •       (Repeat above point)

Whatever point seals your attention (We’re guessing the Tinder part). After all, what is hotter than increased safety, and a longer vehicle lifespan?


Please make sure that you perform TLC on your vehicle alongside the general checks that you should (hopefully) already be performing according to the RAC to ensure you stay safe on the roads on these lonely February nights.

Keeping your car ‘fit’ and caring for him/ her will mean that you can enjoy them for longer. Who knows, next Valentine’s Day you may even be repeating this loving tradition – just look after them, so they don’t break your heart.

This Valentine’s Day, choose to love yourself, but definitely also love your car!