Owning a car is often an excellent convenience for many people, and once motorists have filled their tank with fuel and sorted out a car insurance policy, whether they choose black box insurance or standard car insurance, they can begin to use their vehicle to get around.

However, traffic can be very annoying for motorists, especially if they are in a hurry to get somewhere and an unforeseen jam has put them seriously behind schedule for an appointment or another engagement.

Many drivers become even more frustrated when a large stretch of empty road lies beside them which they can’t use because it is reserved for the use of buses, taxis, motorcycles and/or bicycles.

Although it may be tempting for drivers to move into this lane and zoom past traffic queues with ease, there are strict rules in place for bus lanes, and if motorists abuse these rules they may well find that they receive a fine.

The rules about bus lanes

Bus lanes are designed to speed up public transport as buses may otherwise find that they are held up for lengthy periods of time in normal road congestion. Most vehicles which use the road are not permitted to use this lane, however, there is usually a sign in place which displays information about the lane.

This information will state which vehicles are allowed to use the lane and between which times of day the lane is operational. If there is no sign, it is highly likely, and best to assume, that the lane is operational 24 hours a day, which means that cars are not permitted to use it at all.

If a driver can see the operational times of the lane, they may use it in the hours which it is not required for the sole use of buses.

Other circumstances in which drivers can use bus lanes include when they need to turn left within 20 metres of a junction, this will be indicated by road markings on the lane, and when vehicles need to pass road works or emergency vehicles.

By staying aware of the rules about bus lanes, and not breaking them in an attempt to move past traffic, drivers will not only avoid receiving a fine, but will also be much safer and more responsible on the road.

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