Whether you call it black box insurance, GPS cover, or tracker car insurance, telematics-based products for car drivers are here to stay and insurethebox is proud to have been there at the beginning, helping motorists to get a better deal and drive more safely.

Telematics enables us to actually see how the car is being driven and we have always maintained that unlike other telematics insurance providers who penalise customers who drive at statistically more dangerous times, we wanted to provide insurance which encouraged drivers to behave more responsibly, drive more safely and to make positive choices about their motoring habits.

So, unlike curfew car insurance providers, who levy an extra fee when a policy holder drives at night, for instance, insurethebox rewards drivers who choose only to drive at the statistically safer times of day.

Likewise, if a driver goes above the speed limit, or uses their brakes and accelerator aggressively, we won’t penalise them during the life of their policy, but for those drivers who don’t exhibit these traits, we reward them.

Insurance rewards – What are they?

What makes insurethebox’s black box insurance different to other telematics policies is that it is a miles-based scheme. Our customers buy a set amount of Policy Miles, and this helps to keep the price of cover really competitive.

However, if the insured vehicle is driven positively and safely we reward the driver with Bonus Miles, up to 100 per month. We even give our customers helpful hints and tips on how they can earn the highest levels of additional miles when they log into their private customer portal.

Black box car insurance – Find out more below

If you want to find out more about insurethebox insurance, how it works and what makes us different, there is plenty of information here, on our website.

So, if you want to find out about the Theft Tracking service which all insurethebox customers receive or why a miles-based policy using GPS technology could be just what you’re looking for, then click on the article links below.

If you just want to get on it with and get a quote, why not click on our Get a Quote button and you can complete the whole process online in minutes. You can even print out your documents at home. Technology, including black box insurance, is a wonderful thing.