Imagine that you could fit a little robot to your car that would help look after you. Called the “tracker car insurance bot” it would save you money on your motor insurance cover in the present but would also help you save money in the future by showing you how you could improve your driving to become less accident-prone and a more attractive proposition to motor insurers.


And what if there were even more benefits?

Yes, imagine that your little tracker car insurance robot also helped protect your safety by alerting us should you have been in an accident.

And imagine it was able to look after your car even when you were not in it by being able to provide police with pinpoint information about its location in the event of it being stolen.


Tracker car insurance is here

Although it might sound like the technology of the future, tracker car insurance is here at insurethebox and provides young drivers, student drivers, older drivers, low mileage drivers and more, with a chance to get cheaper car insurance cover that works for them.


No curfews, just great incentives

Unlike some motor insurance companies, at insurethebox we believe in encouraging drivers to drive safely. That is why we don’t place a curfew on our customers, so you don’t have to worry about having to rush to complete your journey.”

When you take out your policy with us you select how many Policy Miles you expect to drive in a year. And because we believe in rewarding you for your safe driving, we award Bonus Miles each month, as a way of recognising your responsible driving.

If you still need extra miles, these can be purchased in bundles of 250, 500, 1,000 or 2,000 miles, much as you might top-up a mobile telephone.

More good news is that if you don’t use up your unused Top Up and Bonus Miles, we’ll roll them over for you to use on your next policy.


Save money with tracker car insurance today

Tracker car insurance with insurethebox could help you save money today. Simply call us on 0333 123 1308 or Get a Quote.

Let insurethebox be your guardian robot. Why pay more when you drive less?