When a motorist has chosen a car insurance quote and accepted a policy, such as low-mileage insurance, they probably can’t wait to take their car out onto the roads to explore what the area has to offer.

However, no matter how quickly a driver needs to be somewhere, or how late they happen to be, they must not compromise the safety of other road users and forget the laws of the road which they have been taught when they were learning to drive.

Many people choose to cycle short distances rather than use a car. This may be because the cyclist is too young to drive, because they want to reduce their carbon footprint, or they may simply want to cut their spending on fuel and get fitter into the bargain.

Some areas have designated cycling paths so that cyclists and drivers remain separate, however, on many roads cyclists and motorists are required to share the same space.

Unfortunately, a lot of cyclists choose not to wear a helmet and, as a cyclist does not have the same protection a driver of a car has, a collision with a car could cause a cyclist to sustain life-threatening injuries. So, all drivers should stay alert and watch out for bicycles on the road.

In the dark, cyclists should install lights on their bicycles so that other road users can see them. Although motorists are accustomed to looking out for other vehicles’ headlights, they should also make an effort to watch for smaller lights which may indicate that there is a cyclist up ahead.

The Highway Code states that when a motorist chooses to overtake a vulnerable road user, such as a cyclist, they should give them the same amount of room as they would give another car. This is to ensure that the motorist does not cut into the cyclist’s route, and the cyclist may continue with their journey uninterrupted.

In stationary traffic, cyclists frequently jump queues by cycling on the inside of the traffic and motorists should carefully check their mirrors and blind spots before they move off in case a cyclist has moved next to the vehicle unnoticed.

Motorists and cyclists who adhere to the law of the road and stay aware of each other significantly reduce the chances of a road accident occurring and, consequently, motorists are much more likely to maintain a low car insurance quote.

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