If you are the proud owner of a car which runs on Liquid Petroleum Gas you might be pleased to know that insurethebox provides LPG car insurance. So owners of cars with LPG conversions can now benefit from telematics technology to help save money on motor cover as well as being able to use cheaper fuel.


Why choose LPG

According to the drive lpg website liquid petroleum gas (or propane) is the “best environmental alternative” to diesel and petrol, and offers significant savings in terms of fuel cost.

Drivers who wish to reduce their carbon footprint may wish to convert their vehicle to LPG as it is a low carbon content fuel and harmful emissions from an engine powered by LPG are significantly less than that of a petrol car.

Most petrol cars can be converted to run on LPG, but owners must make sure that the conversion is carried out by an approved installer, and accredited as such, so that their vehicle can be registered on the UKLPG Vehicle Register.

Although there is a significant cost involved in converting a petrol vehicle, the cost-effectiveness of an LPG car can soon offset the original outlay and the benefits for the environment may also be a key attraction for many owners.

However, most LPG converted cars have the original fuel tank left in place, so they can be run on either petrol or LPG, making them a true dual-fuel vehicle for maximum convenience and ease of use.


Car insurance for LPG vehicles

An LPG conversion is technically a vehicle modification, so owners must inform their insurer.

If a vehicle is registered on the UKLPG Vehicle Register, insurethebox can offer low mileage car insurance which has the potential to help eco-friendly drivers save even more money on their motoring costs as we reward careful drivers for their positive driving habits.

If you’ve chosen to convert your car to LPG (using an authorised installer) or have bought an accredited LPG converted vehicle, then the chances are high that you are a conscientious driver who wants to save money and keep your carbon footprint as small as possible.

With an insurethebox car insurance policy you select how many Policy Miles you expect to drive in a year, and, if you need more miles, you can buy Top Up Miles, just like you would top up a mobile phone. Furthermore careful drivers, such as those who don’t use excessive speed, aggressive acceleration or harsh braking, can earn additional Bonus Miles to help keep them covered even when their Policy Miles have all been used.

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