Johnnie Walker and McLaren Honda joined the Department for Transport’s ‘THINK!’ to launch a new anti drink driving campaign at the British Grand Prix earlier this month.

The campaign saw the signatures of F1 stars Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso, McLaren chairman and CEO Ron Dennis and racing director Eric Boullier, displayed alongside the #JOINTHEPACT logo on the side of the McLaren Honda car.

Have a look:


Before the event, Jenson Button said: “Driving safely at any speed means every driver has to be fully in control at all times, something you can’t do if you drink. Racing drivers like to be fast but we also want to be safe.

“So to be able to support the anti-drink drive message on my McLaren Honda in front of my home fans and to get their support behind me and the campaign will be extra special.” (source: road safety policy update – June 2015)

The campaign invited over 80 million global viewers to ‘THINK!’ before they drink and drive. It coincided with the tenth anniversary of Johnnie Walker’s support for McLaren.

By 2018, Johnnie Walker aims for the #JOINTHEPACT campaign to gather five million signatures, representing promises to never drink and drive. Since 2008 it’s been launched in more than 40 countries and collected over 2.4 million commitments.

Andrew Cowan, country director of Diageo GB said: “We want to give a strong message to the public to never drink and drive, and can’t think of a more powerful way to do so than to partner with the government and Formula 1 stars to deliver this message with one voice.”

How to get involved

To Join The Pact, use #JOINTHEPACT on social media and make the commitment to never drink and drive.