Drivers who have a telematics box fitted in their vehicle by their insurer may be pleased to know that telematics car insurance is helping reduce car crime in the UK.

Figures collected by the police and vehicle insurance companies have shown that whereas 20 years ago 600,000 cars were stolen, only 107,000 vehicle thefts occurred in 2010.

Reportedly the reduction in car thefts is “due to the incredible improvements to a raft of security systems including alarms, locks, immobilisers, toughened glass and tracking devices”, Andrew Miller, the director of research at a motor insurance repair research centre based in Berkshire, explained.

This means that not only are modern cars much more difficult to break into and hotwire, if a criminal does manage to get into the car and drive it away if has been fitted with a telematics system the police are able to track the stolen vehicle down more quickly.

It would seem that the benefits of having a telematics box fitted into a vehicle can be great since the system could put thieves off stealing a vehicle in the first place, and, in the unfortunate event that such a vehicle is stolen, it could prevent the car owner from losing their no-claims bonus as a successful vehicle recovery may mean they will not need to make a claim on their car insurance.