New research undertaken by comparison website, has shown that many motorists risk their lives and the lives of other road users while behind the wheel.

Reportedly, nearly 40% of drivers use their mobile phones when they should be concentrating on keeping control of their vehicle and watching the road around them.

This negative driving habit could not only result in someone’s injury or death, but severely reduce the benefits which can be gained by having telematics box insurance and similarly increase the annual premium of motorists with different types of cover.

Twenty-seven percent of the road users surveyed admitted to logging into a social networking site while driving.

The report suggests that many motorists are addicted to checking for messages on their phone, with 20% of drivers apparently unable to leave their mobile untouched for more than 15 minutes and 45% of people not beginning their journey unless they are able to view their phone easily from the driver’s seat.

The risks presented by checking a mobile phone while driving can be just as great for low mileage drivers on short journeys as motorists undertaking longer trips.

The head of car insurance at the comparison site stated, “Our research shows that although people are aware of the consequences involved, they struggle to tear themselves away from their mobile phones and social media.

“Using these devices while driving is incredibly dangerous.”

Whether or not motorists are covered by an insurer which gathers information on the road user’s driving habits, such as those which offer telematics box insurance, any person who wishes to reduce the risk of suffering a crash, and the cost of their cover, should refrain from using their mobile phone while driving.