Young driver car insurance holders, and more experienced drivers, may not be aware of the best course of action when trying to claim from a council for damage caused to their car by a pothole.

Following the recent successful compensation claim made by a motorist against Coventry council, The Telegraph’s website has listed some practical action which can be taken to make the claiming process easier and more likely to be successful.

Firstly, the road user should collect evidence, including photographs, plus a description of the location and measurements of the pothole, which may later help in identifying where the vehicle damage was caused.

Secondly, whether the motorist is experienced or a new driver, they should report the damage the pothole has caused to the local council. This is the appropriate action for 90% of roads in the UK. If the pothole is in a private road, the driver may wish to seek professional legal advice.

Thirdly, making a Freedom of Information request to the council will allow the car owner to obtain details about road safety inspections in the area. This could reveal whether the road has been appropriately maintained and whether the council is therefore deemed liable for the vehicle damage.

Reporting the pothole to a local authority may also save others the stress of suffering damage to their car.

Importantly, The Telegraph advises drivers to stay calm and be honest while making the claim as this will also lead to the motorist having more chance of success. Dishonest drivers should remember that fraudulent claims are likely to be uncovered, as the council will conduct their own investigations in an attempt to counteract the claim.

Both elderly and young driver car insurance holders, who have been unfortunate enough to lose their no-claims bonus due to pothole-related vehicle damage, should remain persistent in their compensation claim if they believe that they are not at fault.