Insure The Box, global pioneer of telematics-based car insurance, has re-confirmed its commitment to investing in North Tyneside by inducting 40 staff members onto further education courses this year, with over 20 more planned in the coming months. Following on from the company’s expansion and signing of a 10 year lease at Quorum Business Park earlier this month, this announcement reflects Insure The Box’s market-leading positioning in the growing telematics insurance sector.

The scheme forms part of the firm’s commitment to further education and apprenticeship development, with the offering of Business Administration, Customer Service and Leadership apprenticeships which were kicked off when Insure The Box opened its operations centre in North Tyneside in 2010. Later in the year the scheme will be expanded into more bespoke courses which will include Digital Learning, Compliance and Learning & Development.

“In any organisation it’s the people that create value”, explained Andy Preacher, Group Head of People and Culture at Insure The Box. “And here, in North Tyneside, we’re lucky that there’s an abundance of talent within the local community.

“For many young people university simply isn’t an option which is why the Insure The Box Further Education scheme is so popular. Our vocational qualification scheme allows people the opportunity to gain practical skills in areas they are actually interested in; and earn a recognised qualification in the process. By investing in individuals and helping them to not only discover a profession they enjoy, but also further their skills in that area, we’re ultimately creating a stronger and more sustainable business.”

Stephen Johnson-Ramsey, the Group Talent and Leadership Development Partner, added: “Here, in North Tyneside, we see wealth of young talent looking to enter the work environment, gain much needed experience and qualifications to help with their future career, and we feel socially responsible for nurturing it. Through interactions with local schools and colleges we attend meetings with sixth formers and take part in teaching young people valuable skills that can help them to progress in the future. This is a commitment we have made as a company, and will actively seek to strengthen and grow in the future.”

Norma Redfearn, Elected Mayor of North Tyneside, said: “I am always delighted to see a local business invest in our young people and provide them with opportunities to help them on their way to a successful future.

“As a council we are committed to supporting apprenticeships and providing young people with the skills they need to build a career for themselves and I wish everyone involved in the scheme every success.”

Past apprentices and trainees are already reaping the benefits of the company’s commitment to people development.

“Spending the majority of my day in a classroom was something I never enjoyed, so I knew that after sixth form I wanted to do something more practical, but where I could continue to learn”, explained Karl Faetz, 17, Business Administration Apprentice at Insure The Box. “Since starting my apprenticeship 6 months ago I’ve worked across a number of different departments and found my communication and problem solving skills have really improved. It’s really interesting being able to learn about how a business works from the inside. Now, I actually enjoy learning.”

Business Administration Apprentice, Jorja Bayley, 16, adds: “Roles at Insure The Box change every couple of months giving us a real insight into exactly how the business works and the role of each of the different departments. Every day is different meaning we learn new things and are continually progressing.”

“You also learn communication skills and how to work best as part of a team. My confidence grew across the 12 months of my apprenticeship – I really enjoyed it” added Hannah McIver, 22, former Customer Service Apprentice and current Employee Engagement Co-ordinator at Insure The Box.

Rachel Adie, 23, undertook a 12 month apprenticeship in Business Administration with Insure The Box in 2012, following which she has seen her career progress and is currently employed as Facilities Coordinator: “After completing my studies I knew I wanted to go into full time employment but it was really difficult without any previous experience or the required skills and grades, which is why I chose to do an apprenticeship with Insure The Box.”

Jenni Grieves, 27, IT Administrator at Insure The Box, had a similar experience: “After finishing college I was looking to move into an office-based job and there were very few opportunities to do so without previous experience. The Insure The Box apprenticeship scheme was a great way for me to make this happen. The support from the company’s team was fantastic and we were encouraged to progress to an area of the business that interested us.”

Rosemary Williams, 21, former Service Support Apprentice and current member of the Customer Service team, added: “What attracted me to the Insure The Box apprenticeship was that I would have the chance to continue learning and studying whilst working at the same time.”

“For me it was a great opportunity to join a young and growing business – even when walking around the office for the first time you pick up on the great atmosphere” explained Ryan Twigg, 24, former Customer Service Apprentice and now a member of the Senior Service team.